Enjoy the experience of a biplane ride today

It has been said that, 'Two hearts grow closest in the sharing of good times.' Consider treating yourself and that special someone to a Romantic Sunset Flight in either our Two Passenger Open Cockpit Biplane - or - our Two Passenger Glider. Watch the sun set over Atlanta as the lights come on over downtown. A truly romantic experience!

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About Us

For as long as people have dreamed, they have been fascinated by the idea of flight, looking skyward with wonder and amazement. Relive the romance and adventure of open cockpit flying while soaring over many of Atlanta's most notable attractions - the Downtown Skyline, Stone Mountain, Lake Lanier and Ted Turner Field - just to name a few. Fly individually or bring a companion and share the experience. Sounds exciting? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!! **GIFT CERTIFICATES**

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Our Mission

Biplane Rides Over Atlanta, Inc. is an Atlanta-based company which offers rides, sightseeing tours and aerobatic flights for hire to the public in the Boeing PT-17 "Stearman" (single seat open cockpit biplane), the Waco (two seat open cockpit biplane) and the venerable North American AT-6 "Texan" (WWII advanced combat trainer). Each of these aircraft are fully restored and among the finest examples of their kind in the country. We are committed to the preservation of these historically significant aircraft. Our current plans include the development of a non-profit museum know as the Atlanta Air Corps and the acquisition and restoration of other vintage warbirds.

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FLIGHTS Completed

For some reason, I was afraid this would be scary beyond my ability to enjoy the experience, but to my surprise the pilot was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, which set me at ease. Our flight was amazing! I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who feels the same.

Abella Smith Timid Passenger

This was an anniversary surprise for my wife, and wow it was a hit! She couldn't believe this would be so much fun, she thought we were just having another night on the town. Great memories for a lifetime!

Joel dawson Husband

I've traveled all over the world, but seeing my onw hometown city from the sky, in an open cockpit biplane is an experience like no other. I just wish I could afford to buy my own plane to take it across the country visiting friends, what a blast! A girl can dream, can't she?

Misha Cross Adventurer